About Me

She was born in Istanbul at 1979 and artist now actively engaged in the visual arts. Her works are located in private art collections inside and outside of Turkey. She carries on working at her own art gallery which is located in Sultanahmet at an ancient historic bulding. And her works can be seen in her gallery at permanent exhibition.

Some of her work;

  • 1992 France, Chateau De Avrille Anger Group Exhibitioon
  • 1996 in Istanbul, Art gGallery Sultanahmet Group Exhibition
  • 2001 Graduated From Uludağ University ,Bursa And Then Works in Irivate Art Gallery, “Flies On The Honeybun Bread "- Personal Exhibition And Screenings.
  • 2001 Izmit, ‘IV. Izmit International Street Theatre Festival’ – Personal Exhibition, Von Magnet Music Group / Project in France - Group Show - Picture Performance
  • 2002 Istanbul, Ziraat Bank- Tunnel at Art Gallery- Personal Exhibition,
  • 2003 Istanbul, GaleriX, video festival - screenings,
  • 2003, She Began Working at Leman (Humor Magazıne)
  • 2007 Hollanda B&W Bereboomen Wijffelsbeeldhouw Art Gallery - Personal Exhibition
  • 2008 Dubai “ Gulf art fair” Group Painting Exhibition
  • 2011 Los Angeles THE CODE Exhibition, Gallery EXPO, Los Angeles, LongBeach-Group exhibition
  • 2011 Artist Began Working in The Magazine of Bayan Yanı.
  • Also ' Babam ve Ustam’- (My Father and My Master ) continues to meet every month at the comic book readers
  • 18 August 2013 , she put in an appearance at The New York Times, as a part of İstanbul artists.
  • Italy ilmanifesto newspaper 15.04.216